Welcome to Garcia Consultants Ltd – A counselling and Psychotherapy centre dedicated to treat mind, personality and behavioural problems through Psychotherapy .

The basic intention of the centre is to help people make positive changes in their lives; in order to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives and cultivate the best within themselves, to enhance the experience of love, work and basically our lives.

Common issues people seek assistance includes: ┬áStress, anxiety, fears and phobias and all kind of Psychoneurosis cases-Bereavement, loss and grief- Not able to cope with change- uncertainty in life or financial and job pressures- Not able to sleep properly-Fear of Marriage-Pre marital and post marital counselling-Not able to cope with marriage- Sexual problems after marriage- Fear of pregnancy- Fear of operation- Fear of diseases- Trembling of hands while writing- Trembling due to tension and anxiety–Fear of public speaking-Fear of facing public and mingling in social functions- Fear of going to Gulf or abroad – Fear of leaving home town for job sake in far off places- Frequently getting angry and short tempered nature- Suicidal tendencies- Anxiety about children or family- Relationship difficulties and conflict- Coping with separation-Teenage problems – Lack of interest in studies in school/college going students, etc.

Garcia Consultants is able to work with an individual to support and enable change from them having a ‘Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset’; where can specifically focus on strengths rather than weakness, to enable and develop best ability, effectiveness and competency in their personal life and professional roles.

We provide short- term and open- ended therapeutic sessions with Individuals: Child/Adolescent , Adults, Couples & Families. Thus, Executive Coaching and Mentoring sessions.


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